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What is an Adventure Playground?

An outdoor playground consisting of a range of playable spaces. These can include challenging play structures to introduce an element of risk. Quiet “chill-out” areas enhance social interaction. Plants and natural wildlife areas can be explored. Sports spaces allow for informal competitive play. Helping to develop higher self-confidence. To promote more balanced decision-making. And encourages children to grow up to be more resilient adults.

What is the difference between an Adventure Playground and a School Playground?

A school playground can contain a variety of play equipment. They are often designed to create a series of learning experience for the children. Clean safe playground surfacing, such as rubber mulch and artificial grass, is a popular choice. The playground can contain traditional items such as swings and slides. They can promote sensory learning by including mirrors.

An adventure playground can exist within a school playground. It is designed to allow spontaneous free expression. These playgrounds enable children to explore physical, social, emotional, imaginary, and sensory spaces. It promotes cooperation as the children negotiate the various obstacles. Thus, the structures are more exciting. This helps children improve their fitness in terms of motor skills, strength, endurance and aerobic capacity.

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Is an Adventure Playground suitable for a park?

Play structures such as pole- climbers and net climbers are an ideal focus to any park play area. Den-like structures are popular for creating “chill-out” zones. Safe flooring such as wetpour and rubber mulch are often used.


What Play Equipment is in an Adventure Playground?

Net climbers and pole-climbers are popular structures in these playgrounds. They require the children to decide the route or activity. Playground safety standards ensure: the playground surface helps cushion falls; there is sufficient distance between structures.

Play Towers and Trim Trails are currently on trend. They create the wow factor in any children’s outdoor play space.

Adventure play parks are generally bigger. They are designed for families giving a more inter-generational focus.

How Much does Adventure Play Equipment Cost?

The price range is roughly from £8,000 (for a pole-climber with surfacing and installation) to £15,000 (for a complete Trim Trail with surfacing and installation). So for a complete playground, the total price calculation needs to factor in the number of play structures and surfacing required.


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