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What is an Outdoor Classroom?

The Outdoor classroom is a place where children can take their learning outdoors. According to the ‘Council for Learning Outside the Classroom’, these places can in School grounds, and local attractions such as parks and woodland sites.

The actual outdoor classroom can be a Gazebo or a Sail Canopy to give shelter whilst taking indoor lessons outside.

Story telling chairs and stools within a woodland setting allow children to connect with nature whilst learning.

Vegetable troughs and ponds provide opportunities to engage with nature.

Even adventure play equipment such as climbing or traversing walls provide learning through play.

Amphitheatres allow for lectures and performances.


Can I get a grant for an Outdoor Classroom

We can help you find grants. We can write and submit bids on your behalf. Useful links are

Outdoor classrooms and Covid-19

Outdoor learning spaces are a cost-effective way of creating extra classroom space. This improves social-distancing and hygiene to stop the virus spreading. We can assist you with both permanent and temporary solutions.


What are the advantages of the Outdoor Classroom?

Some advantages of having an Outdoor Classroom are:

  • They provide extra space without the cost of a building extension.
  • They allow more ventilation for science experiments.
  • They can be located so that loud music lessons do not disturb others.
  • Gazebo and Sail Canopy areas can provide shelter from wind and rain, and shade from the sun.
  • They can provide a seamless transition between physical activities and a seated class.
  • They can act as meeting areas in break-times.
  • Story-teller chairs provide a natural focus, to enhance children’s concentration.

Are Outdoor Classrooms expensive?

Sail canopy and small gazebo type classrooms range from approx. £2500 to £5500. These are great for extending your teaching space.

Story telling areas range from £1500 and amphitheatres are from £10000.

So, whatever your budget and space, we can help create an outdoor learning area for your school.

We can even help source grants and write grant applications.


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