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Outdoor Gym Equipment

An outdoor gym provides a perfect opportunity for children to develop their fitness. We provide specially designed children's versions which are safe and effective.

Childrens Air Skier

Children's Air Skier

Childrens Air Walker

Children's Air Walker

Childrens Arm and Pedal Bike

Children's Arm and Pedal Bike

Childrens Double Air Walker

Children's Double Air Walker

Childrens Double Cross Country Skier

Children's Double Cross Country Skier

Childrens Elliphical Cross Trainer

Children's Elliphical Cross Trainer

Childrens Hip Twister

Children's Hip Twister

Childrens Air Rider

Children's Air Rider

Childrens Seated Leg Press

Children's Seated Leg Press

childrens Th'i Chi Spinners

Thi Chi Spinners

Childrens Cardio Combi

Children's Cardio Combi

Childrens Disabled Arm and Pedal Bike

Arm and Pedal Bike