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What are the benefits of playgrounds for younger children?

For younger children, there are many benefits to playing outdoors.

The UK Physical activity advice for children includes outdoor play.

Playing outdoors improves sleep.

It allows the children to have fun through the exploration.

They learn coordination and balance.

They burn more energy.

Outdoor play promotes a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

They make friends.

This creates a positive impact on both the children and their families.

What extra benefits do themed play structures give?

Adventure type play structures look exciting and invite a sense of risk and exploration.

However, young children cannot always safely negotiate these. Themed play equipment helps fill this need. So instead of height, they can pretend to be a captain of a ship, sailing into unknown lands. Or perhaps a train driver who needs to keep climbing up and down into his cabin at each of the imaginary stations.

In a nutshell, themed play structures create a 3D feel to unstructured play.


How do I buy themed playground equipment?

There are several grant-funding organisations. Useful Websites are

Grants4Schools Awards For All

These database websites are updated daily. There are guides on how to write successful grant applications. We can help prepare and submit grant applications on your behalf. Email or telephone us to discuss further.

How do you create a themed playground?

If you have an idea for a theme, contact us so we can see the site identify constraints and budgets.

E.g. The play structures are not too close to fences or buildings, the flooring helps absorb impact when children jump off etc.

We can then create a design that complies with current safety standards and meets your needs. We include features such as climbing walls, slides, and nets for the children to explore and negotiate.

Thus, creating a play experience that looks and feels exciting!


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